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SurgiGuard Fibrillar ORC

Surgiguard Fibrillar

SurgiGuard Fibrillar ORC

Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose (ORC) is an absorbable hemostat to assist in controling capilaries, venous, and small arteries bleeding where ligation and other methods are not sufficient. Has non-antigenic properties due to its plant-based composition and will be absorbed by the body in 28 days. It is double packed, ready to use, and can be stored in room temperature. A slight discoloration might occur with age, but it will not affect the product performance.

ORC advantage compared to other hemostats:

  • Mechanical hemostat, also assist in vasoconstriction process
  • Immediate hemostatic effects
  • Better pliability due to its fabric structure
  • Non-antigenic due to its plant-based materials
  • Will be absorbed in 28 days
  • Suitable for all types of surgery
  • Antibacterial properties against 21 bacteria, including MRSA, VRSE, etc

Box/10 pcs, 2.5×5.1 CM and 5.1×10.2 CM
Fibrillar structure, easier to cut for irregular bleeding areas

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