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SurgiGuard Non-Woven ORC

Surgiguard non woven

SurgiGuard Non-Woven ORC

Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose (ORC) is an absorbable hemostat to assist in controling capilaries, venous, and small arteries bleeding where ligation and other methods are not sufficient. Has non-antigenic properties due to its plant-based composition and will be absorbed by the body in 28 days. It is double packed, ready to use, and can be stored in room temperature. A slight discoloration might occur with age, but it will not affect the product performance.

ORC advantage compared to other hemostats:

  • Mechanical hemostat, also assist in vasoconstriction process
  • Immediate hemostatic effects
  • Better pliability due to its fabric structure
  • Non-antigenic due to its plant-based materials
  • Will be absorbed in 28 days
  • Suitable for all types of surgery
  • Antibacterial properties against 21 bacteria, including MRSA, VRSE, etc

Box/10 pcs, 2.5×5.1 CM and 5.1×10.2 CM
Non-woven structure, easier to cut for irregular bleeding areas and faster hemostatic effect

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