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PT. Enseval Medika Prima

AIR IDEAL® 3P® Traceability


AIR IDEAL® 3P® Traceability

Air sampling system for the detection of airborne microorganisms
The full AIR IDEAL® 3P® Traceability package comprises, along with the air sampler unit, remote control with embedded software and built-in 2D-barcode scanner. Multiple samplers can be controlled autonomously via a Bluetooth connection to a single remote unit.
Easy-to-use, the AIR IDEAL® 3P® Traceability allows not only thorough air monitoring, but also a simple and efficient air circuit decontamination process.
• Suitable for monitoring in all aseptic manufacturing areas
• ISO 14698 validated
• 21 CFR part 11 compliant
• Easy decontamination

Laboratory Needs, Microbiology and Molecular